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Decks are a great place to relax & entertain!

If you are considering adding a custom deck to your home, here are some advantages to consider. 

Increases the Value of the Home

By constructing a deck, the value of your home and property will greatly increase. In many cases, you can get 72% of the money you spent back in your pocket because of this increase in value. Other home additions/improvements return much less.


One of the reasons why you are able to nearly make your money back after building a deck is because deck construction is an affordable way to improve your outdoor space. Other home renovations can cost significantly more. 

Extra Space

A deck is essentially an entire new room of your home (at least in the warm months of the year). A deck immediately provides you with a great space to put furniture, relax, host parties or BBQ’s, or have more storage space.

Aesthetic Appeal

A deck changes the look of your home. It adds dimensions and colors that really make your home stand out. A deck can make your home look larger, more comfortable, and more inviting.

Short Construction Window

From beginning to end, deck construction can generally be completed in a few weeks. This is very fast when compared to other construction projects which can sometimes take months to complete. This is good for you, the homeowner, because you won’t have to deal with noise and construction for an extended period of time.

Wood Deck verses Composite Deck

Why Choose a Wood Deck?

Wood decks are made from pressure-treated pine they can last a long time if maintained correctly they need to be sealed or stained every 2 to 3 years.  Because of the natural beauty in wood grain people still use wood decks.  Cost: Wood decks are more affordable which will enable you to build a wood deck about twice the size of a composite for the same price.

Why Choose Composite Deck? 

Enjoy your new deck or porch for many years to come with a beautiful look of wood grain without the maintenance. And composite decking has a 25 year warranty backed with a 10 year labor warranty ensuring you’ve made the right investment choosing composite. Cost: A composite deck is more expensive but will have zero maintenance and will outlast a wood deck by a decade or more!

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